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EL Fabspace for makers.

EL FABSPACE is a unique fablab concept in Tunisia. It is about open digital fabrication laboratories to inspire empower youth to turn their ideas into tangible innovations by giving them access to tools and resources including digital manufacturing technologies and machines.


The COWORKING space.

we provide a large and sunny space at the heart of Tunis. The space is the professional nest of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, students, and organizations. Come and reserve your seat


EL Wall project.

EL WALL is among EL SPACE’s first projects and it’s about getting the community living in and around the space to know each other and connect to each other in a very open and collaborative way. Feel free to download this resource and try it and let us know if you need help implementing it or any feedback that we need to do.


EL Events

Our venues are also available for everyone who would like to organize a community event. DO you have an event idea? Let's talk!

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