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Individuals, communities, organizations, governments and companies join us to share experiences and engage in collaborative innovations.

We are a social innovation hub working on the partnerships between individuals, communities, governments, companies and NGOs who share a common interest and commitment for social impact.


We recognize the strenuous efforts of our team towards self-improvement and impact-achievement. We provide opportunities for our team to continuously learn new skills and knowledge.


We believe that sharing is the road to innovation. We support each other by sharing our knowledge, skills, and network.


We are a purpose-driven team that is committed to the shared mission and values. We accept our differences, embrace our diversity and respect the uniqueness of every one among us.


We take ownership and responsibility for our work and we value our ability to honor our commitments to each other and to our partners.


We provide a trustful environment in which our team can express his opinion and exchange constructive feedback without any drawbacks.


We admit that change-making is a tough journey! At EL Space, We make this journey fun by spreading positive vibes and energy.


We provide a work environment that values the individual opinion and allows everyone to speak his mind. Our decision-making approach is based on discussion and debate rather than on the rule of the majority.

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